Affiliate Programs for Beginners: 8 Best Options in 2023

The program boasts 43% year-on-year growth in commissions, so it’s an attractive option. However you need a good amount of traffic to get accepted, and there are strict conditions for staying on as a publisher. The sophisticated toolbox may take some getting used to but has great features for more advanced affiliate marketers. If you want to venture into newsletters and email drip campaigns, AWeber is one of the best affiliate programs in India in 2022. It’s quite an oldie in this case because it has been here since 1998 plus offers the most extended cookie life of a year.

  • Meanwhile, investor leads are lenders who transfer the money to the network for the first time.
  • The resent recessions, most people are on the search for coupons from various merchants.
  • If you dabble in PPC affiliate marketing and it’s working for you in a way that you’re instilling trust in your audience, I applaud you and wish you continued success.
  • Since Instapage’s pricing starts at $199/month, it’s less accessible to freelancers or hobbyists, but it’s well-positioned for audiences with larger budgets.

Of course, some brands are understandably hesitant to use coupon sites. Keanen Buckley, Thinkific partner, manager, and founder of the blog consulting business, counts blogging as a favorite affiliate type. ActiveCampaign also provides a simple dashboard for keeping track of conversions and progress. Trying to determine the difference between affiliate and ambassador programs? This guide breaks down everything brands should know about how both… Once you have a clear picture of how your content is performing, you can start tweaking things to find what works best and increase your conversion rate.

Best affiliate programs for ecommerce businesses

The important thing to understand is that affiliate types aren’t mutually exclusive – and in fact, they can really enhance each other! Don’t be afraid to become an affiliate in two or more traffic channels, or move onto a new type when it makes sense. Cashback sites, such as Rakuten and are popular with many consumers. Here is an example of a Facebook group created forBrain Training for Dogs. It has 411 members, but they are no longer actively participating in the community.

When you want to target those who are 18-25, college brand ambassadors are the way to go. College brand ambassadors use word-of-mouth and social media promotion to drive sales and raise brand awareness. From handing out product samples to students, hosting events and putting up posters around their campus, college ambassadors raise awareness of your brand in non-traditional ways.


Thinkific’s powerful all-in-one platform makes it easy to share your knowledge, grow your audience, and scale the business you already love. The platform enables users to create, market, and sell online courses and membership sites under their own brand. Partners are integral to Instapage’s continued innovation and evolution. The Affiliate Program offers a generous commission structure—with a 30-40% recurring commission for every paying customer. Marketers, content creators, and bloggers whose audience could use interactive content tools. Whether you’re writing for a business blog or creating independent content on LinkedIn, you can market Outgrow as a unique solution to engage followers.

types of affiliate programs

The best way to understand your target audience is to be part of your target audience. Don’t be scared to learn new skills that can help you serve your target audience better. Know your Audience – Do not promote anything that might offend or irritate your audience. For example, think twice before promoting a cookbook for meat lovers – you might inadvertently offend your vegetarian or vegan followers. Affiliates wanting to build their email list typically send traffic to a landing page with an opt-in form.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Don’t try to ‘sell’ products or services – that’s the job of the seller you’re promoting. Other online affiliate platforms, including EverLink for ad networks, track publisher results on an affiliate dashboard. EverLink integrates with the Tipalti best-in-class AP automation and global partner payments software to make affiliate payouts through their marketing platform.

We’ll refer to a few of PMA’s industry insights throughout this article, starting with blog content. Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate affiliate marketing system promotes a product or service and earns a commission based on conversions. One of affiliate marketing’s most attractive features is the high ROI.

Accelerated Payments Option

As this affiliate program integrates with Tapfiliate, you can easily track and manage all commissions and campaign data. Unfortunately, this program only offers 30 minutes cookie duration and counts click-outs for post-click conversions. The network typically only accepts content creators with a large following. Also, GoPro has good brand reputation which helps affiliates to advertise their products. Unfortunately, this affiliate program has a selective process for choosing its partners, making it difficult to join, especially if you don’t have an established audience yet.

types of affiliate programs

It is a legal requirement mandated by the FTC that is put in place to protect consumers in the U.S.A and other countries around the world from shady or deceptive companies. It is believed that a proper disclosure allows customers and clients to head into a completely transparent transaction – which is vital to ensure credibility for your affiliate programs. Coupon or deal sites are easily one of the most popular affiliate marketing sites today.

Picking Your Affiliate Path

If you think your website visitors might be interested in chartering yachts, you might want to join Boatbookings’ affiliate program. Boatbookings specializes in luxury yacht chartering, boat rentals, and sailing and motor yacht vacations. Additionally, they offer a superior customer experience — for instance, they offer a free gift with any purchase and have a strong rewards program.

Related affiliate marketing

Built-in partner engagement features like challenges, in-app messaging, learning materials, etc… allow for more connectivity and engagement with the partner program managers. When you refer visitors to BigCommerce, you earn 200% of the customer’s first monthly payment (that’s up to $500 per referral!), or $1,500 per enterprise customer. Each time someone clicks on a flight on Momondo’s website from your site’s link, you will earn $0.65 for desktop and tablet users, and $0.45 for mobile users. This is their most popular travel affiliate tool and generates the highest revenue per visit. You can either embed tracking links on your site or create a custom coupon code.

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