Cuban Wedding Customs

While many Cubans do not have opulent weddings, a recent increase of prosperous Cuban-American emigres and foreign visitors are carrying back the old marriage traditions which are a rare likelihood during most of Fidel Castro’s rule. In fact , many marriage planners in Havana have seen their business skyrocket due to this fresh trend. But as these lovers spend their money on a celebration that may be in no way cost-effective for the regular Cuban, it raises some interesting questions about how the changing political crissis has impacted marriage and family practices across the tropical isle.

Almost all of the traditional marriage ceremonies in Cuba will be Christian and officiated by a priest. During the service, the few exchanges bands to show their very own commitment to each additional and to reduce the chances of evil mood. The groom also gives the star of the event 13 money, called a great arras, to be a symbol of his promises to provide on her behalf during their marital life.

Following the ceremony, friends attend a reception that is certainly usually stuffed with music and grooving. During the primary dance, the bride and groom light a oneness candle that represents their union as one. The couple often will save you this candlestick to light during their wedding anniversary every year.

Many Cubans give their guests gift items at the reception, such as hand crafted items or perhaps ribbons with the brand of the bride and groom on them. The newly the wife and hubby also receives a throw of rice from the participants to be a symbol great luck and prosperity. The couple likewise enjoys ingesting delicious Cuban cuisine just like roast chicken and chicken breast with sides of black beans, fried plantains, and sweets just like flan and cubanitas.

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